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Please visit my website Owl Takes Flight for more information about my tarot readings!

Feel free to ask questions here, or send me email if you need privacy for your questions.


The readings I offer:

Healing Reading -- $75
This two-part tarot reading will help you to find where you need healing, and help you with guidance and meditation while you walk the path of healing your wounds. Requires a short, real-time consultation for the first part of the reading, which can be done via email or chat (email preferred).

Five Questions -- $50
A special reading where you ask five questions and I tell you the answers that the cards give me, using as many cards as is necessary. This reading must be done real-time, and I will do it via email or chat.

Three Questions -- $30
A special reading where you ask me three questions and I give you the answers that the cards give me, using as many cards as is necessary. This reading must be done real-time, and can be done via email or chat.

Life Compass Reading -- $45
An interactive tarot reading that will help you in finding your true career path, or verify that you're on the right path. This reading needs to be done in real time, and can be done via email or chat.

Romance Reading -- $30
An interactive 2-part tarot reading that can help you to find your best romantic partner. We will discuss what you need, and what kind of partner will best help you find your highest good. This reading can be done via email or chat.

Compatibility Reading -- $25
A tarot reading that delves into your romance issues. We will look at your partnership, and what hidden issues you and your partner may need to resolve. This reading is generally done via email.

Wheel of the Year Reading -- $30
A special reading that I have developed that tells you about your life for the next year. I'll tell you what to watch out for during the current month, and then give you a general overview for the next 11 months.

Seasons of Life Reading -- $30
A special reading that I have developed which tells you about your life for the next few months. Tells you what to expect in the near future, and what difficulties, if any, you'll have to face. Will also tell you hidden problems that may crop up in the near future.

Animal Spirit Reading -- $25
A special reading that I have developed that will give you messages from your specific animal spirit guides. This reading can tell you about long term or short term animal guides, and will help you untangle the messages from your guides.

Celtic Cross -- $25
This is the standard, general life reading. If you wish to have guidance for the near future, or simply know what the tenor of your life is, this is the best reading for that. It is also excellent at answering specific questions in detail.

Past Life Reading -- $30
This reading will give you the details of who you were, where you lived, and what lessons you brought from that life. It will also give you a Soul Message, that can help you with this current life.

Six Card Reading -- $10
Can be a modified general life reading, or can be "two paths" telling you what you are facing now and the two paths you can take regarding this problem.

Three Card Reading -- $5
Can be the usual past/present/future reading, or can be "Three Answers," depending on what you need and request.

Paypal and email questions can be sent to deyaniera at gmail dot com. Thank you. I'll do the readings as soon as possible, always! If you do not receive a response in 3 days, please comment here!
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Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I bent over to pick up some paper and pet the cat that was winding around my ankles, and POW. My lower back, between my hipbones, exploded.

I collapsed. I could not feel my right leg at all, and I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to vomit and crap my pants at the same time. It was the single worst pain ever. (Seriously, that initial blast was worse than the kidney stone.)

I managed to collapse on the couch, and could not move. C freaked-- I was screaming in pain, so yeah, his reaction was not out of line. I tried to breathe through it and get myself together. I could not move my right foot. PANIC.

So, 911. 20-ish minutes later, paramedics. 20-ish minutes more, hospital. 20-ish minutes more, awesome French-speaking Swiss doctor is worrying over my inability to move my right foot.

Pain hovered around 9-9.5 until the doc gave me something for the pain. Then, it lowered to 7-ish. Doc was officially worried. But, after about an hour (and a dose of steroids), feeling and movement in my foot returned. I still had trouble, but I could move it, so that was amazing. Doc did a very uncomfortable test, then asked if I could pee. I had to go, so I said yes, but then I had trouble going. The doc ordered an ultrasound. Ultrasound tech was like "yep, this is a problem," and that was that. Doc ordered an MRI and that took for-ev-er.

We finally got the MRI. Slipped and torn disk. Doc speculates that the tear is what's causing the massive pain, and the swelling is what caused the leg issue, because there's apparently sciatica involvement. Doc gives me pain meds, muscle relaxers, and says when I can walk, he'll send me home.

I start trying to walk. I nearly pass out. The nurse tells the doc I need fluids, and POOF. I get IV fluids. (Seriously, that doc was amazing. Best accent ever, plus he was super thoughtful and kind.) After I have some fluids in me I'm feeling better, and I'm able to walk around a little.

They release me around 5am, and I got home, got into bed, and finally managed to sleep until 11am. When I woke up the pain was intense and terrible, though not as bad as yesterday. I took my pain meds (which C got me) and they worked. I put some ice on my back, and it helped a little, too.

So, then I called to cancel my dr appt on Monday and therapy appt on Tuesday. I am not canceling the dentist appt on Thursday because I am afraid I won't be able to get in to get this stupid filling done until June if I skip it. I don't know how I'm going to get there, but I'll figure out something.

Monday's doc appt, the office is closed. This is a problem, since the pain meds they gave me, I'm not supposed to take post-surgery. I was going to ask about it, but... well. Guess I'll do so on Monday. On the plus side, the person I had the appointment with is a contractor and she called to check and make sure I'd be there. (She's not a doctor, and so she couldn't advise me on the med issue, but... well, I'll call Monday, like I said.)

Therapy is canceled, therapist was a sweetie and told me to feel better, and offered me an appt in January. I told her I'd wait, just because I am not sure what's up with everything.

Called to make my follow up appointment. Ortho is booked solid until the 15th. Cue panic. I do not have enough pain meds to make it to the 15th. After a brief argument with myself, I decide to wait it out. We'll see if maybe the pain gets better. If it doesn't, I'll call to see what I should do.

So, pain. Panic because all of that-- the ambulance ride, the meds and fluids in the ER-- is going to add up and we *already* owe a hospital bill from my surgery that we're struggling to pay. I was already having issues coming out of this depression, and this does not help.

*sigh* We'll see what happens. I'm using up the last of my surgery meds over the weekend, to avoid the other med until I can talk to my bariatric doc. Wish me luck, everyone. ;.;
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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you here in the US. And blessings of the holiday season to everyone.

I'm...struggling, as is to be expected, I suppose. I'm not really looking forward to Christmas this year. December is going to be a struggle for a lot of reasons. But, hopefully, I will make it through.

At any rate, I wish you all the best. <3

NaNo Day 7

Nov. 7th, 2016 04:54 pm
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Word Count 14000

Read or watched recently: Not much. I got up, did chores, took a shower, and then wrote. I wanted to get stuff done because Supergirl is tonight, and I didn't want to be cut short on writing time. So, now I can watch my show and if I get writing time afterwards, yay bonus words. If not, no big deal.

Something happy: Talked to Mom again today, and it was good. Got to hear a little bit more about her trip and that was awesome. Sadly, their puppy is not doing well, so they have to take her to the vet, but it's just allergies. Hopefully, the vet will be able to help her.

Writing progress: Got 2k already, thanks to a few hours free time. Hopefully, I'll be able to add to that later, but I don't *have* to and that's good.

What did I do yesterday: Wrote, ate good food, and watched TV. Went for a walk with C and the pup, and that was also good.

Planning: Possibly dinner out (depending on how C is feeling), definitely Supergirl, possibly more writing. Everything is nebulous, since I am not invested in plotting all the things. I am planning on some editing tomorrow (helping out W again), and lots of writing.

Some thoughts / words about anything: Fibro brain sucks. I keep forgetting things, and it is so annoying. On the plus side, BirthdayGifting has brought me awesome tea and now a coloring book! Woot! I am so happy.

For now, I am going to go get ready, since we are going Out. YAY going out! <3 <3

NaNo Day 6

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:51 pm
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Word Meter 12000

Read or watched recently: Football! Lots of football. Though the Bears are on a bye, and the Bucs embarrassed themselves on Thursday, there was some good football played today. I was stunned by the Packers loss, and vaguely annoyed by the Lions-Vikings game not ending in a tie.

Also watched Family Guy, and...meh. On the plus side, I avoided the news most of the day. Which, I kinda needed that break! My day was much better for not having watched the news.

Something happy: Talked to Mom! YAY MOM! OMG I missed her so much. She was really tired, still, and I think a bit jet lagged, so we didn't talk much. Hopefully over the next few days we can catch up. Fingers crossed.

Writing progress: 12k! And I finished story 1 at last. So, I started story 2, and I had this whole idea in my head that after two paragraphs COMPLETELY CHANGED. Whee. I'll need to figure out where this is going quickly. But, y'know, I'm ok with it.

What did I do yesterday: Things. And stuff. And lots of TV and vegging, which was nice.

Planning: Tomorrow being Monday, it is Chore Day. So, I am planning on cleaning the litter boxes, vacuuming, washing dishes, cooking, and a few other things I forget. (They're all written on the fridge.) I got the clothes put away today, so that's done. Hopefully, doing all the things tomorrow will still allow me writing time. Because I also need to write. :)

Some thoughts / words about anything: I forgot my eldest brother's birthday. First time in AGES that I have forgotten, and I feel utterly TERRIBLE. Like, how do you forget someone's birthday when their birthday is so close to yours!?!?!?


I texted him last night at like 3am, because my failure was keeping me up. He texted me back this morning and was all nice about it, but... meh. I am a bad sister, and I feel awful about the whole matter. I just don't know what to do about it, though. It's not like he ever gets me a card or anything. Nor did I ever get him a card-- but I always used to email him or text him and just let him know I was thinking about him. So... what do you do?

I guess I will let the hindbrain work on it and if it comes up with a solution I'll go with that. But for now, feeling bad is all I have got. Oh, and making sure his birthday is in my calendar. Which, it used to be but for some reason wasn't! :/

(Stupid fibro brain.)

Anyway. Other than that, life is good. And, since it is bedtime, I'm off to try to do this whole sleeping thing. Wish me luck.
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Word Meter 10k

Read or watched recently: Fluffy Guy Movie, football, and got caught up on this week's @Midnight. (I think? We might have one more to watch.) Lots of fluff, because I am focused in on the writing to the point where I need the happy distraction.

Something happy: Fluffy Guy Movie was awesome. Chatted with the BFFD, and that was also awesome.

Writing progress: Hit 10k today. I am having trouble waking up, which means I don't get to writing until after I've been awake for hours, which means I'm always trying to play catch-up. *sigh* I hope this changes after I get better. Because while I have never been a "jump out of bed" type person, it doesn't usually take me HOURS to wake up. Feh. Thank goodness for coffee.

What did I do yesterday: Uhh. Wrote and did lots of other stuff that my poor, sad, fried brain cannot recall now. Because I am TIRED. Wow, I am tired.

Planning: Football, Starbucks, and writing tomorrow. :D

Some thoughts / words about anything: Mom's home! I am so giddy. She got to see the last game of the World Series because they broadcast it on the ship. I am so happy about that. We haven't caught up, because she's exhausted, but she's home and I'll get to talk to her soon. YAY.

I really missed her. For now, though, it is bedtime, and I am sleepy. Be well, everyone.

NaNo Day 4

Nov. 4th, 2016 11:11 pm
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Word Meter.

Read or watched recently: CUBS PARADE WOO! OMG, that was so awesome. I loved every minute of it. And, for my birthday I'm getting a hat and a t-shirt. SO EXCITE. :D

Then, after C got home, we watched Legends of Tomorrow, which was hella-heavy this week. Good show, just lots more "serious" content than I'd expected. I liked it, but I hope they don't do this every week.

Something happy: HAT! T-SHIRT! WOOHOO! YAAAAY! *bounce*

Writing progress: 2k today for a grand total of 8k, and since I had barely two hours to work, I'm super-happy with this. I have been so sick today. Man, it sucks. But all the happiness helped, and I managed to get stuff done anyway, so that was awesome. Stupid fever needs to go away, though.

What did I do yesterday: Wrote. Slept. Chatted with D. Slept more. All the sleeps. Which is nice after the insomnia, but I really hate this pattern. I would rather sleep in a reasonable manner than go from insomnia to supersomnia! :/

Planning: Uh. No clue. C hasn't said anything, so I'm hoping for sleep, rest, tea, writing, and TV. Because yeah, very tired still.

Some thoughts / words about anything: Still haven't processed things completely. I keep hoping for more writing time, but life has been pretty crazy. Hopefully, I can manage to find some time to babble and get my thoughts straight this weekend. It'd be nice, anyway.

For now, warming up my heating pad because these chills are kicking my butt, and then bed and snuggles. Be well, everyone.

NaNo Day 3.

Nov. 3rd, 2016 10:11 pm
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Word meter

Read or watched recently: The World Series! OMG CUBS WON! YAAAAAY. I think I lost several years off my life because of that game, but WOW was it amazeballs. I am still rather giddy and impressed with the ending.

Something happy: My server is back up! It was down for several days, after it crashed or something. (I am not entirely sure what happened, just that it was corrupted after we moved it and C fixed it.) See? Yay! :D

Writing progress: Managed to hit 6k today, but am not entirely happy with that since I really wanted more. But I only had about an hour of writing time. Though, that was mostly due to (a) staying up WAY too late last night after the WS, and (b) a belated phone call that was needful to help out a friend. So... yeah. I am unhappy that I didn't make more writing time, but at the same point in time I knew there would be days that didn't measure up.

Tomorrow is another day. With a write in that's not far from my house! I am hoping to go, provided I'm not getting sick. (I had a fever earlier, though it broke, I napped, and then I felt better. Might be just another fibro thing. We'll see.)

What did I do yesterday: Writing, watching the WS, and then being so stoked I couldn't sleep. Woo. Worth it, though. Damn that game was amazing.

Planning: Writing. All the writing. Hoping to do the write-in, fingers crossed.

Some thoughts / words about anything: Too late for this, alas. But I am hoping for the time tomorrow. We'll see.
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I have a lot of processing to do. The Cubs are World Series Champions. I have a friend who keeps opening their mouth and making me lose respect for them/want to pull away from them. I have a fever, and am hoping it's not going to turn into an actual illness, but is simply flare/insomnia related. BUT I have writing to do, and then may need a nap. So this is just a note to remind me to figure things out later.

Daily NaNo post later, I hope.

NaNo Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2016 12:02 pm
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Read or watched recently: Game 6 of the World Series, the Flash, and SHIELD. Game 6 had me boggling and squeeing. I can only hope that the Cubs didn't blow their wad, and that they can do it again. Because ZOMG GAME 7 WOO!

The Flash was ok, though I am pretty tired of the "Wells is evil" trope, and I kinda felt like they pushed it last night. Though, DAMN the guy that plays HW is amazeballs. I keep flashing back to his acting in Scrubs and how scene-stealing he was there. I swear he's better now! I just adore him. I'm glad they figured out how to keep him around.

As to SHIELD, WOW. I really loved that episode and I have to wait 3 whole weeks for the next one noooooooooo!!!!! I am grumpy about that. SO GOOD. SHIELD is totally my show. And last night wins all the snark awards. :D <3

Something happy: Needy, snuggly tortie is needy and snuggly. :D She definitely wants me to get to bed so she can snuggle and nap with me. Which is next on the agenda-- probably a 3-ish hour nap, and hopefully that'll be short enough that I'll be able to sleep tonight, and long enough that I won't be brain dead and stumbling over my words.

Fingers crossed.

Writing progress: 4K and then some for now. I am planning on writing more this evening, hopefully. The story is really popping and drawing me along, so yay!

What did I do yesterday: Watched TV, wrote, and then tossed and turned most of the night. I wrote a little, updated the big laptop drivers, and meal prepped for today's crock pot meal. I was very pleased that I managed to stick the crock pot meal in the pot at 7am. It'll cook all day and be delicious by dinner time, and I don't have to worry about it! Woot!

Planning: Nap. Writing. Dinner. World Series Game 7.

Some thoughts / words about anything: Hi. I have a rant. It is rant time. Are you ready? Language warning. Because I am MAD.

Insomnia really sucks. But man, do I HATE it when people tell you "oh, all you have to do is [x] and your insomnia will go away!" Because DUDE. DO YOU REALLY THINK I HAVEN'T TRIED EVERY FUCKING THING? I have had insomnia since I was a KID. One of my earliest memories is laying awake and being tired but unable to sleep, and this had to be before I had turned 6 because I remember hearing my dad come home and thinking "oh, at least I can say goodnight to him!" My dad moved out before I turned 7. So...

I have meds. Sometimes, even when I take the meds, they don't work. Lunesta, Ambien, Halcion. I've tried 'em. They don't work as well as plain old Benadryl. But even Benadryl fails me sometimes. (Literally the ONLY med that I have never had a problem with? NyQuil. But who wants to take COMA MED every time they can't fall asleep? Because it is COMA TIEM with NyQuil. And good luck waking up.)

I have routines. I practice good sleep hygiene. I do not do anything but sleep in my bed. I go to bed every night at the same time. I usually don't mess with my phone once I'm in bed. (I fail, because I am human. And also because I sometimes forget to put my phone on do not disturb. But I try!) I don't usually nap during the day. (Today is an exception because I didn't sleep last night.) I avoid caffeine after noon, usually. (Sometimes I unbend to 2pm. But I almost never have caffeine after lunch.) Etc, etc, etc. I know all the things. I really do. But sometimes they don't help. Sometimes it's just sleep fail, and nothing anyone does can change that.

After 40+ years, I've learned to recognize the signs. I know how this works, honest!

Sometimes, sleep is an elusive thing, and that's ok. I know how to deal, and I deal really well. I'm going to nap today. I will likely have trouble staying awake tonight. I am ok with that. Tonight, I'll sleep. And tomorrow, I'll see. Sometimes, one night of laying awake fixes the problem. Sometimes, it doesn't. And that's ok, too. If I'm really tired, or if I have things to do, I will take meds. But most of the time, just waiting it out fixes it, and I sleep again for a nice, long stretch.

Believe me when I say "I've tried your remedy." And just let it go. We'll both be happier.

For now, I go nap. <3 Be well, everyone.

NaNo Day 1.

Nov. 1st, 2016 08:11 pm
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Writertopia Meter

Read or watched recently: Watched football last night, and was stunned that my Bears managed to pull off a win! So happy-making! Also watching Flash and SHIELD tonight, and that's exciting. I am super-happy with the awesome that is both shows, so...yay.

They are not as good as SUPERGIRL, which is stellar, awesome, and amazeballs, but they're good. And SHIELD is keeping me intrigued a lot with this Ghost Rider storyline. (also, ZOMG CANNOT WAIT FOR DOCTOR STRANGE WOO!)

Also, keeping tabs on my Cubs, and WOW. I am scared to trust it, but damn. Way to start the game, guys!

On the reading side, still reading 2k to 10K, and it helped me get almost 3k words done today with husbeast home AND a repair guy coming to look at the fridge AND needing to stop and work on dinner. AKA, not the amount of writing time I was expecting on day 1. So, hopefully, with more writing time tomorrow I can manage to make EVEN MOAR WORDS! Here's hoping.

Something happy: I wrote today! Words are good! YAY writing!

Writing progress: Almost 3k. Still not done with story #1. Not fussed, but a bit surprised that this is becoming EVEN MOAR of a story than I'd expected. Going to go ahead and follow it down the rabbit hole for a while, though. It is fun to be with my beloved novel-characters. And I have 29 more prompts if I need them.

What did I do yesterday: Watched football. Wrote up NaNo prep. Managed to sleep, woohoo! Played video games and cuddled the puppy (who was freaked out quite a bit by the trick-or-treaters).

Planning: More writing. Hoping the husbeast goes to work tomorrow (he's been sick), because I get more done when he's not around. Potentially working up a playlist for this month. Watching Supergirl. And did I mention the writing?

Some thoughts / words about anything: Didn't go to the day 1 write in, because after all the fridge repair foo and running to the store since I forgot to do the crock pot dinner I was exhausted. Perhaps next one, or Friday for sure.

And yes, our beloved new fridge needs replacing. Woo. We called the repair guy because there was condensation on the outside. C noticed it when he pulled the fridge out after something on the top fell behind it, and was worried. So, we called GE and they sent someone out, and the guy was like "uhh, yeah, that's a problem."

So he called GE, and we'll be getting a call from them about the replacement. Woohoo replacement? I guess it's good we bought the 3 year warranty. Because I love this fridge, even if there IS a problem! It's such a great thing, I get up every morning and am just like "yay fridge!" I have no idea how long that'll last, but while it is here it's a good thing.

For now, I'm going to grab some food because I'm hungry, and enjoy the rest of Flash and SHIELD. Be well, everyone! <3
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Changing up the posting format. NaNo posts will be public. Also, will be changing up the daily format to reflect writing progress and the like! I may not post every single day, but that's the tentative goal. Both to document progress and to share with fellow nano peeps. :)

today, I'm planning on working on a bit of plotting for the first few stories, and then finishing up the book on writing that I was reading. Because reading is good. And because if it works out, I might finish NaNo in record speed for myself. And if I can do that? Then I will get back into writing, because I won't need to have as much free time to do it!

We'll see. I'm hopeful, but then, I'm always hopeful pre-NaNo.

Post format:

Read or watched recently: Reading this because it's actually got some really useful tips in it. Which I am hoping will make my "minimum 2k stories" actually workable. We'll see.

Something happy: Dr appt today. Went really well. Progress is still good. Got a good reminder to be gentle with myself, and am excited to get back to the gym, hopefully in a couple months. (I'm cleared for it, but the budget needs to be cleared for it, too, and that probably won't happen until Feb-ish.)

Writing progress: Sitting down to look at the first few stories to sketch out a basic outline and get more work there. The first NaNo write-in is at Crisper's and I have zero clue where that is. I may wait until Friday's write in down at the bookstore to try getting out with other people. We'll see.

What did I do yesterday: Watched a lot of football. Had massive insomnia again, and was up until 4-am-ish. Watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Read. Need to find my notebook so I can work on the next book, which has a lot of worksheets and stuff to fill out. But that's for after I finish this one.

A picture I've taken OR three words to describe today: Writing is work. (This may end up being the motto for the entire month, and thus this might get deleted from the list. But I'll decide later.)

Planning: Stories 1-5, at least. Hoping for relax time later. But work, cooking dinner, and then SUPERGIRL woohoo! We'll see what happens around that.

Some thoughts / words about anything: My brain is consumed by NaNo. All words are forward looking! :)


Aug. 3rd, 2015 11:40 am
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To take advantage of the sale, go to Owl Takes Flight Tarot Services and buy one of the readings that costs more than $25!

Thanks in advance!
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1. The new website is still a work in progress, but husbeast updated my old website in the meantime. This is all the new stuff that I'm offering, and I welcome feedback about it! :) Also, yes, I'm accepting reading requests through the website and through email. :) Please feel free to pass this link around! I am happy to welcome new and old customers again.

2. I had preordered Mortal Kombat X over a year ago, and paid it off a couple months back. Because I'd paid it off, I forgot about it. The store called to remind me "hey, you totally preordered this," and I was quite gleeful to pick it up and play it. OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Well, there are issues with the early story (Sonya is NOT that much of a wuss, kthanxbye), but the controls and the overall story (including the rather awesome SubZero/Scorpion storyline) made me happy. Plus, sometimes you just need to rip a guy's spine out. I desperately want the bonus package, so I can play Tanya (among others). But, that'll have to wait. Still, I've been playing the Tower of Luck a lot, because that's fun, and I finished the storyline and enjoyed that. I won't spoiler the end, but I totally squeed. Because yes, gimme more, plz.

3. Work on Tarot for the Intuitive has been going really well. I am hoping to possibly finish it today. If not today, I should be able to get done tomorrow, and that would mean I would have about a week to edit it, which would be great. I would make my secondary deadline, and that would be a relief. I still have to finish BotC 3, but I think I can do that. I've been re-reading the short stories leading up to book 1 to prep for it, and letting the story simmer in my brain. That'll hopefully jump start things when I am ready to sit down and write again.

4. Planning a visit to Mom early next month (May 6th-?). I need to get away, and David will be going to his parents to prep for the Mayo clinic visit, and so I will kill 2 birds with one stone and get some Mom-time and some David-time and life will be good. I'm heading down early so I can chill with Mom a bit before David gets there, and then I'll see him off to the Mayo and head home again. Hopefully, that will let me reset, because when I get home I'll dive into writing book 3 and finishing up the trilogy. Fingers crossed for that.

5. David bought me Pillars of Eternity, which is one of the best RPGs I've played in AGES. I genuinely love it, there's a big, deep, detailed world, and DRAGONS. Plus, I really like the various character classes. Playing has been my planned reward for getting word count, and I haven't even played it in days, because the word count ends up going well and I don't stop. BUT! If I finish the book today or tomorrow, I will totally play play play the rest of the week. :)

6. I've been reconnecting with old friends, and that's been really nice. Elsenet, I whined about the lack of people, because I was feeling really lonely and like I was a drain on David, since I've been babbling at him and just him probably all year thus far. And to my great shock, people stepped up and texted or emailed and generally reminded me I have a pretty nice support network, even if they're not here in person. That can be difficult, when I want a hug from someone who isn't C, but it's also really nice when I just want people to talk to, because talking can happen in many media. I am enjoying the refreshing of relationships and being patient for OPhugs (which will happen in May, since I will have Mom hugs and David hugs and...).

7. This journal is officially going friends-only. I will leave this post public for a bit, and then will privatize it after a while. Thanks for your understanding. <3
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Subject to change at whim:

Wishlist within! )


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