Nov. 5th, 2016

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Word Meter 10k

Read or watched recently: Fluffy Guy Movie, football, and got caught up on this week's @Midnight. (I think? We might have one more to watch.) Lots of fluff, because I am focused in on the writing to the point where I need the happy distraction.

Something happy: Fluffy Guy Movie was awesome. Chatted with the BFFD, and that was also awesome.

Writing progress: Hit 10k today. I am having trouble waking up, which means I don't get to writing until after I've been awake for hours, which means I'm always trying to play catch-up. *sigh* I hope this changes after I get better. Because while I have never been a "jump out of bed" type person, it doesn't usually take me HOURS to wake up. Feh. Thank goodness for coffee.

What did I do yesterday: Uhh. Wrote and did lots of other stuff that my poor, sad, fried brain cannot recall now. Because I am TIRED. Wow, I am tired.

Planning: Football, Starbucks, and writing tomorrow. :D

Some thoughts / words about anything: Mom's home! I am so giddy. She got to see the last game of the World Series because they broadcast it on the ship. I am so happy about that. We haven't caught up, because she's exhausted, but she's home and I'll get to talk to her soon. YAY.

I really missed her. For now, though, it is bedtime, and I am sleepy. Be well, everyone.


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