NaNo Day 4

Nov. 4th, 2016 11:11 pm
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Word Meter.

Read or watched recently: CUBS PARADE WOO! OMG, that was so awesome. I loved every minute of it. And, for my birthday I'm getting a hat and a t-shirt. SO EXCITE. :D

Then, after C got home, we watched Legends of Tomorrow, which was hella-heavy this week. Good show, just lots more "serious" content than I'd expected. I liked it, but I hope they don't do this every week.

Something happy: HAT! T-SHIRT! WOOHOO! YAAAAY! *bounce*

Writing progress: 2k today for a grand total of 8k, and since I had barely two hours to work, I'm super-happy with this. I have been so sick today. Man, it sucks. But all the happiness helped, and I managed to get stuff done anyway, so that was awesome. Stupid fever needs to go away, though.

What did I do yesterday: Wrote. Slept. Chatted with D. Slept more. All the sleeps. Which is nice after the insomnia, but I really hate this pattern. I would rather sleep in a reasonable manner than go from insomnia to supersomnia! :/

Planning: Uh. No clue. C hasn't said anything, so I'm hoping for sleep, rest, tea, writing, and TV. Because yeah, very tired still.

Some thoughts / words about anything: Still haven't processed things completely. I keep hoping for more writing time, but life has been pretty crazy. Hopefully, I can manage to find some time to babble and get my thoughts straight this weekend. It'd be nice, anyway.

For now, warming up my heating pad because these chills are kicking my butt, and then bed and snuggles. Be well, everyone.
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