NaNo Day 6

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:51 pm
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Word Meter 12000

Read or watched recently: Football! Lots of football. Though the Bears are on a bye, and the Bucs embarrassed themselves on Thursday, there was some good football played today. I was stunned by the Packers loss, and vaguely annoyed by the Lions-Vikings game not ending in a tie.

Also watched Family Guy, and...meh. On the plus side, I avoided the news most of the day. Which, I kinda needed that break! My day was much better for not having watched the news.

Something happy: Talked to Mom! YAY MOM! OMG I missed her so much. She was really tired, still, and I think a bit jet lagged, so we didn't talk much. Hopefully over the next few days we can catch up. Fingers crossed.

Writing progress: 12k! And I finished story 1 at last. So, I started story 2, and I had this whole idea in my head that after two paragraphs COMPLETELY CHANGED. Whee. I'll need to figure out where this is going quickly. But, y'know, I'm ok with it.

What did I do yesterday: Things. And stuff. And lots of TV and vegging, which was nice.

Planning: Tomorrow being Monday, it is Chore Day. So, I am planning on cleaning the litter boxes, vacuuming, washing dishes, cooking, and a few other things I forget. (They're all written on the fridge.) I got the clothes put away today, so that's done. Hopefully, doing all the things tomorrow will still allow me writing time. Because I also need to write. :)

Some thoughts / words about anything: I forgot my eldest brother's birthday. First time in AGES that I have forgotten, and I feel utterly TERRIBLE. Like, how do you forget someone's birthday when their birthday is so close to yours!?!?!?


I texted him last night at like 3am, because my failure was keeping me up. He texted me back this morning and was all nice about it, but... meh. I am a bad sister, and I feel awful about the whole matter. I just don't know what to do about it, though. It's not like he ever gets me a card or anything. Nor did I ever get him a card-- but I always used to email him or text him and just let him know I was thinking about him. So... what do you do?

I guess I will let the hindbrain work on it and if it comes up with a solution I'll go with that. But for now, feeling bad is all I have got. Oh, and making sure his birthday is in my calendar. Which, it used to be but for some reason wasn't! :/

(Stupid fibro brain.)

Anyway. Other than that, life is good. And, since it is bedtime, I'm off to try to do this whole sleeping thing. Wish me luck.


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