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Happy 2017 everyone!

I didn't plan it, but apparently I need a break from Facebook. Which is fine! I was spending way too much time just sitting, refreshing it on my phone, watching other people live their lives while I sat around and did nothing/watched TV/whatever. So, I removed the app from my phone, and I'm going to replace that wasted time with hopefully useful time. Or at least less stressful time. Because today just proved to me that FB can take anything and make it contentious. And I do not need that kind of negative energy right now. I'll give it a week and see how I feel.

I'm making plans for the new year. Things I want to accomplish. I don't think I wrote down my goals for this past year, but I did most of them. I wanted to eat better, study a foreign language, and try to find ways to combat brain fog. I am currently at 50% fluency in French (though I am still cowardly when it comes to trying to actually speak it), I went to a nutritionist and implemented her suggestions, and I have a couple of coping mechanisms that help with the brain fog.

Sadly, nothing really "fixes" it. But I have found that word puzzles, card games, and language study seem to help it. So, I'm going to keep those up. Plus, I really love Freecell. :) I had forgotten how much I love it. So, that's going to stick around.

The things I want to do for 2017 include: Set up my Patreon and get it going. Hopefully gain a bit of income from that. Refresh my website so that I can get my tarot reading business going again. Pray I haven't ruined my chances of any local pagan involvement because of stupid FB crap, because yeah, I'd like to try doing the local pagan group again.

(That last one is iffy and depends on how my health foo goes. But I'm so tired of not having a social circle here. Of course, with my luck I'll get a social circle and finally have friends and C will get a job offer somewhere halfway across the US. Then again, I think I could deal if the job offer was good enough.)

I am also implementing a mantra. Going to work on that, too. Hopefully, it'll help. And I'm digging out the old paper journal, to try to see if venting in private helps. I found my old journals from the 90s and... well. That's one big reason that I have a lot of empathy for other people. I can see, in black and white (or purple, or pink-- ye gods, I was an emo kid) exactly how emotional I was about a lot of things back then. So how can I expect other people to somehow be superhuman about dealing with their emotions?

I can't. So, I'm going to try to extend my empathy and help to them, if possible. And encourage others to do the same.

I have decided, after a lot of soul-searching, that there are some things I can't do. But what I *can* do *is* valuable, and I'm going to work on those things and try to contribute in the ways that I can. It may not be as flashy as some, and hell, it may not even be as useful. But hopefully, it'll make a difference to some people. And that's all I can ask for.

I'm also tentatively re-opening the journal. Going to try a few unlocked entries and see how that goes. I may change my mind. But it deserves a shot. Especially since I am going to be off-FB. I don't expect that a lot of FB peeps will find me here, but if they do I want them to be able to keep up.

Anyway. I'm off to check on dinner and make some plans. Be well, everyone.
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