Jan. 2nd, 2017 02:45 pm
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So, I generally feel better after talking things out with people. Bouncing ideas off people, listening to other people's perspectives, and generally finding out how sheltered I am (sometimes) really helps. After yesterday's foo, a friend reached out to me and helped me see that it's not (just) me, it's FB, and offered some suggestions for how to make it a better tool. I think I will be implementing those ideas, once I'm feeling more like tackling it.

For the nonce, though, I want to focus on Patreon. I need to get my Patreon up and running, and hopefully get it working for me. Even if I don't reach the levels some of the people out there are at, just getting a few hundred bucks a month would REALLY help with some of the financial tensions I've been dealing with. I'm going to push myself to keep up with it no matter how I'm feeling. Fingers crossed that it will work.

Anyway. I am also working diligently on [profile] goals_workshop stuff, and that's really been awesome. She's given me other tools to work with, and I'm hoping I can motivate myself to get with it there, too.

I do need to finish up the step I'm currently working on and post it so I can figure out what to work first. I also have a bunch of phone calls I need to make tomorrow (UGH phones) and that will be a grind. Thankfully, one of the things I wanted to look into they have email. Woo for email.

For now, I need to go clean litterboxes, vacuum, and get my butt in gear for the day. Be well, everyone! <3
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