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She talks to Owls

and wears a Brisingamen

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Name:She talks to Owls
Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:Tallahassee, Florida, United States of America
Website:Owl Takes Flight

She wears a Brisingamen and talks to Owls

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

--Anais Nin

There are worlds inside my head.

I am a writer, a published author, and an invisibly disabled chick living in Tallahassee, Florida with four cats-- three half-Maine Coons (who are every bit as proud as their pure-bred cousins!) and a 'domestic shorthair' who thinks he rules the roost-- a dog (a German Shepherd puppy who is skittish and adorable), and a husband who keeps me sane. I've finished two novels and published one, and am working on editing and writing more. I have also finished a couple of short stories and got one published in an anthology from Circlet Press. It's a long road to being an "author," but it's one I enjoy walking because the company is great.

I enjoy a lot of things other than writing, from the usual (reading) to the unusual (football). I watch too much television, don't spend enough time with my friends, and definitely don't spend enough time outside! I've started a "get fit" program, and I'm hoping it will help me out! *fingers crossed* My health is often an issue, and I do talk about it. I try not to dwell on it, though. Focusing on the positive aspects of my life is much more fun. :)

If you want to hang out here, feel free! I am trying to limit my LJ-time, because it is a time-suck for me, and I need to focus on my writing, but I do welcome readers. I will admit, am more likely to friend you back if you introduce yourself and let me know who you are and why you're here. :)

I hold One Card Tarot days every month, and if you want more information about that, check my splash page at the top of my journal, or visit my website.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again.

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User Number: 600006
Date Created:6-19-2002
Number of Posts: 5190

Miintikwa is the Owl, the wise one, the watcher. She gives quiet advice, seeks the truth, brings peace and harmony where she treads. She wears a Brisingamen, Stompy Boots, and dances with the wind.
Strengths: +4 when surrounded by cats
Weaknesses: crowds
Special Skills: tarot readings, listening, giving advice
Weapons: an army of cats, insight
Pet peeves: --isms, cruelty to animals, meanness in any definition of the word.

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