Jan. 5th, 2017

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So, I'm really proud of today's Patreon entry even if it does mean tomorrow's entry is going to change and shift. Though, that's fine because I haven't been doing the editing on my tarot books. Oops. Finding out about the ISBN numbers has kind of derailed me.

I am currently waffling. A fellow self-published author said they started out with Createspace and free ISBNs because they wanted to dip their toe into things, and this was the easiest way to do so. It required the least investment, and they were pleased with how things turned out. Createspace *does* do ebooks on Amazon, after all. I guess I just need to do more homework and figure out what would be best for me now.

Another friend asked about Kickstarter. That's not an option, really, I don't think. Because it requires rewards, and I don't have any rewards to offer. They linked me to the guy who made $20K on his Kickstarter-- but I have read the article he wrote, and after expenses he made very little. I would be terrified that I'd miss something, since I have never done Kickstarter before, and end up upside down. Plus, I have never done a Kickstarter before, and I think that'd hamstring me in several ways: people are reluctant to pledge to a first-timer, and I don't know all the pitfalls. Too much risk, imo.

So, at the moment I'm focusing on the things I can do, and that are able to earn for me. I'm pimping my tarot readings again, and doing the Patreon thing. I'm 1/2 way to goal1, and that's exciting. If goal1 works out, I'll get a new tarot deck to start showing people how to go through them and stuff. That could be awesome.

Anyway. Still working the plan, despite the speed bump I'm trying to get over. I have time. I think that's my best asset right now. Tomorrow is another day. For now, I need to get started on my Thursdaily chores. So I'll catch you all later. <3


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